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Gather enterprise-wide business intelligence in a single database with CribMaster software

In real time, the CribMaster Inventory Management System collects all of your indirect material data from every source. For one site or multiple facilities, the software gives you full visibility of—and control over—your inventory flow, all from the same database.

A single platform serves various devices and systems:

  • Desktop PCs connected to the database through a client-server or web-based services architecture
  • Vending machines with touchscreen interfaces
  • RFID scanners and readers, including smartphones
  • ERP and HR systems integration

The software offers flexible configuration options to match your business logic, extensive reporting features, and an innovative methodology that enables it to calculate when and how much stock to automatically reorder.

As developers of the market’s leading software, the CribMaster team is devoted to providing customers with sophisticated yet user-friendly solutions to complex inventory management challenges. We offer continual support and are responsive to new feature requests that will help customers gain a better understanding of their operations.

CribMaster Inventory Management System software comes in standard and Enterprise versions, with powerful capabilities to automate and improve your indirect material inventory processes.