Reworked tools save on replacement costs, but without effective tracking and management of your rework inventory, you may not be reaching the expected ROI. When workers always favor a new tool over a reground one, or when a tool undergoes so many rework operations that its integrity is compromised, reconditioning becomes a time-consuming and expensive waste.

One of the main benefits of a CribMaster implementation is the ability to find cost-saving opportunities in your existing processes. Another is the insight gained through visibility into where and how indirect materials are being used. Both of these benefits apply to your CribMaster-managed rework.

These products represent our leading solutions for managing rework.

Solution Technology # of SKUs Security Level Footprint
CM Client

Software at the storeroom tracks all scanned transactions

Barcode Unlimited Medium Mobile

Manages the distribution of hundreds of items with a small footprint

Carousel Up to 560 High Small

Enables cost-effective management and control of a wide array of high-use inventory

Coil Up to 70 High Medium
X3 System

Modular, compact solution that allows secure dispensing anywhere in your operation

Coil Carousel Maximum Range of 20 -112 per module High Modular

CribMaster solutions are scalable, customizable, and configurable. Our experienced solution specialists are always available to discuss your requirements and suggest the best options to help protect your investment in reworkables.