Inventory accuracy and an organized kitting process are essential to an effective inventory management program. Proper kit management minimizes the time storeroom and maintenance employees spend searching for parts, which can ultimately lead to more on-schedule repairs and higher equipment uptime.

CribMaster offers manufacturers efficient and accurate kitting. In the CribMaster Inventory Management System software, all of the inventory items required for specific jobs can be grouped into defined kits.

With a kit set up, the storeroom attendant prints the pick list to pull each item at once, saving time and ensuring that the maintenance technician has the necessary tools or parts to complete the work. Kits can also be made into full assemblies, with all of the items combined under a single item number and stored in one location.

CribMaster storage solutions in the staging area provide workers with access to prepared, ready kits when they need them. The following CribMaster solutions are well suited to kit management, whether you need to develop a new kitting process or improve on your current practices.

Solution Technology # of SKUs Security Level Footprint
Inventory Management System

Software at the storeroom tracks all scanned transactions

Barcode Unlimited Medium Mobile

Allows authorized users to efficiently access and return larger durable items

RFID Up to 400 Medium Modular

Manages any type of inventory in a centrally located tool crib or storeroom environment

RFID Unlimited Medium Medium

Access-controlled, flexible solution for single-item transactions

Locker Up to 24 High Small

Manages the distribution of hundreds of items with a small footprint

Carousel Up to 560 High Small

Enables cost-effective management and control of a wide array of high-use inventory

Coil Up to 70 High Medium


All of our kit management solutions are scalable, customizable and configurable to meet the high degree of specialization required by maintenance operations. The experienced team at CribMaster can guide you in finding the right kitting solution for your manufacturing environment.