Calibrated Equipment


Calibration management practices can make the difference between a facility producing consistent, high-quality output or being constrained by recurring defects and excessive scrap. It is critical for your workforce to be able to rely on properly calibrated gauges, detectors, meters, and measurement equipment that are available at all times.

CribMaster solutions give you total access control over your calibrated tooling, while also streamlining recordkeeping for usage and calibration. Apply our solutions to refine your processes, and achieve total visibility to monitor their effectiveness.

We have helped our diverse customer base find success with these products.

Solution Technology # of SKUs Security Level Footprint
CM Client

Software at the storeroom tracks all scanned transactions

Barcode Unlimited Medium Mobile

Manages the distribution of hundreds of items with a small footprint

Carousel Locker Up to 560 High Small

Provides secure 24/7 tool availability, critical to productive environments

Barcode Up to 1000 Low Small

Provides positive tool control in industries where accountability for every tool is critical

RFID Up to 400 Medium Small

Access-controlled, flexible solution for single-item transactions

Locker Up to 24 High Small

Allows authorized users to efficiently access and return larger durable items

RFID Up to 400 Medium Modular

All CribMaster offerings are designed to be scalable, customizable and configurable. Our expert professionals can provide you with a tailored solution for managing calibration and certification across your enterprise.