Industrial Vending


Spread out your single point of storage to your point of use.

In industrial vending applications, reducing walk time leads to greater productivity. To minimize trips to the tool crib, CribMaster introduced its first line-side vending machine for industrial use in 1998. Today, we continue to lead the market with an innovative portfolio of industrial vending solutions controlled by the most capable software.

With configurable, secure storage in a number of form factors, we offer many ways to manage your durables and consumables away from the crib:

  • Carousels to efficiently organize classes of items with multiple sizes, such as batteries and gauges
  • Coils to dispense gloves, earplugs, and any carded or single-use packaging
  • Divided drawer systems to control access to hand tools
  • Lockers for power tools and toolkits, boxed items, or materials with irregular dimensions
  • Weight-sensitive storage for all bin stock components

These vending options also perform in offsite operations as part of our work site solutions.

The same software platform that manages all CribMaster solutions controls all vending machine functionality. You can configure the system to limit item access based on role. Employees authenticate with an ID and use integrated touchscreens to make their selections. Once dispensed, each item issued has its details automatically recorded in the database.

Providing tools, supplies and safety equipment at the point of use provides several benefits:

  • Productivity increases due to less walk time.
  • Software captures all transactions, providing business intelligence and reducing manual paperwork.
  • Machines offer configurable, accessible storage in an extensible solution.
  • Auto-replenishment saves order processing expense and keeps items in stock.
  • Less waste lowers indirect material cost.

CribMaster vending solutions offer an unparalleled combination of technologies, hardware, and software to give your workforce efficient access to the materials they need, when they need them, to get their work done.

The ToolBox is a secure point-of-use dispensing device that enables the cost-effective management and control of a wide array of high-use inventory. More info.
The Express ToolBox delivers a cost-effective coil-style vending solution for the controlled dispensing of indirect material. More info.
The ProStock is a high-security solution that manages the distribution of hundreds of items at the point of use within a very small footprint. More info. 
The X3 System is a modular, compact vending solution that allows secure dispensing anywhere in your operation. More info. 
The WeighStation provides an effective, total-accountability solution for the efficient management of your high-use supplies. More info.
The CabLock is an expandable, electronic locking drawer system designed to accurately track consumable and durable inventory at the point of use. More info.