CribMaster’s portfolio of solutions is driven by an intuitive software platform that is available in both cloud-based and client-server models. We offer multiple hosting options to meet your organization’s needs regardless of the level of assistance you require. If your organization has limited IT capabilities, our database configuration and maintenance services provide seamless support to help simplify your internal processes. CribMaster also provides premium monitoring and protection services to safeguard your data and reduce downtime.

CribMaster’s tiered pricing levels are based on the number of connections, so our services can be scalable based on your business growth, lowering your total cost of product ownership.

Why Host With ICS?

  • Speed to Market — ICS takes care of the entire infrastructure, set up and ongoing maintenance so you don’t have to navigate corporate IT hurdles or worry about setup.
  • Flexibility — Ability to add new levels of service as needed
  • Adaptability — As your inventory management platform grows, your hosted platform must grow and adapt to your needs.
  • Peace-of-Mind – 24/7/365 hosting support ensures continuous data access 365 days a year.
  • Lowers Barrier to Entry – With no upfront capital requirements and predictable pricing, you can begin adopting CribMaster inventory management solutions quickly and easily

Take advantage of our hosting services so you can experience greater success with CribMaster.