Maximize your uptime

Growing your business depends on being able to finish more work in the same amount of time, without multiplying costs. Any process involves some waiting, but decreasing downtime translates into increased productivity.

CribMaster solutions help eliminate several causes of lost production time:

  • Travel between the equipment storage and work cell
  • Missing, out-of-spec, or worn tools
  • Inventory stock-outs

Point-of-use solutions create secure storage anywhere on the floor, so tools and other indirect materials can be placed close to work areas, reducing walk time. Employees no longer have to “save a trip” by taking many tools at once that are about the right size, limiting the availability for everyone else. Customized kitting further organizes durables, creating efficient procurement, storage, retrieval and replenishment.

Searches for missing tools also result in lost productivity, and some facilities require workers to stay past the end of a shift until all tools are accounted for. RFID solutions cut down the search time for misplaced assets, with automated reports of which tools are missing and who checked them out.

Additional CribMaster software features serve to keep items available and in good working order. Usage records enable alerts for tools that are no longer serviceable, along with reports for upcoming calibrations, expiring serial items and expiring inventory lots. This knowledge helps plant management keep production on schedule: the tools are ready when needed, and properly calibrated to avoid defective products that become scrap or rebuilds.

With accurate item tracking and auto-replenishment options, CribMaster solutions ensure your inventory always keeps pace with production, resulting in maximum uptime and increased worker productivity.