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The relationship between distributors and customers is changing, as manufacturers are searching out providers who can offer value-added services and innovative solutions to lower their costs, increase productivity and improve compliance and safety. Distributors partnering with ICS to provide CribMaster solutions are well situated to take advantage of this shift. Our industry-leading indirect material management solutions and services will differentiate your business in the market and enable you to demonstrate real value to your customers.

ICS partners supply:

  • Vending machines from the widest, most customizable array of products to create a precise solution for every customer’s needs
  • Streamlined inventory tracking and replenishment across a customer’s entire enterprise through one powerful software platform
  • Detailed inventory analysis over time to suggest new solutions and management practices

When manufacturers move to a vending model for inventory management, they can achieve faster growth through cost reductions and productivity gains. With your business positioned as a driver of that growth, you become an irreplaceable resource.

Earning a reputation as a unique CribMaster solutions provider benefits your bottom line by gaining:

  • Loyalty and increased engagement from customers
  • Efficiency and cost reductions in order processing
  • Predictability for sales forecasting
  • Stability and growth in your customer base

The next innovation in distribution

Our solutions enable you to achieve much more administrative control over your accounts while expending less effort. You gain complete visibility and granular access to information for every manufacturer you supply, with fewer site visits.

ICS partners benefit from the full support of a dedicated, experienced team. We collaborate closely with every partner to help implement profitable customer solutions from initial design to post-deployment assistance.

We’d like to know more about your business. Arrange a one-on-one partnership conversation with a CribMaster expert.

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