Enterprises across industries are increasingly concerned with safety and compliance, which is paramount to keeping operations and the workforce running efficiently — and safely. CribMaster inventory management solutions help manufacturers accurately track and maintain equipment and tools, ensuring they are where they need to be, when they need to be there. Our solutions also ensure the timely maintenance and calibration required for optimal performance.

CribMaster’s solutions also help organizations improve compliance by providing the most efficient technologies and methods for tracking PPE to ensure proper-fitting gear is available, and calibration and certification schedules are maintained.

CribMaster safety solutions provide:

  • Accurate tracking of current inventory – who used what, when – down to the employee and task
  • Timely and accurate inventory replenishment and maintenance processes to reduce carrying costs and stock-outs, while increasing uptime and safety compliance
  • Serialized tool tracking and location — using RFID technology — to support industry compliance and reduce downtime spent searching for missing/lost tools or supplies
  • Round-the-clock access to tools, consumables and safety materials and supplies located near work cells — through point-of-use solutions — to improve productivity, safety and efficiency
  • Accurate tracking of inventory records with up to 6 cost centers to improve procurement processes and reduce waste
  • Digital signatures for greater accountability across all departments and locations

CribMaster software, vending, RFID and tool control solutions, combined with our professional services, deliver operational intelligence to managers through accurate, searchable materials activity reports. Gaining new insights into their current business processes, our customers are able to experience greater value, safety and efficiencies.