Power Generation


Power generation companies must ensure their tools, MRO, inventory, and assets are properly maintained and tracked in order to reduce downtime, and increase productivity and compliance. Preventive maintenance is also critical to sustaining a fully-functioning and efficient power generation facility. CribMaster’s inventory management solutions provide power generation companies with reliable preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking; a robust indirect material inventory management system; and efficient RFID and point-of-use technologies to maximize uptime, tool availability and operational efficiencies.

Power generation facilities must accurately account for all employee and contractor material and asset usage, as well as meet stringent regulatory requirements. CribMaster’s robust inventory management solutions provide the most efficient system for tracking indirect materials to reduce errors, ultimately reinforcing a culture of productivity accountability and compliance among workers.

CribMaster Solutions Provide:

  • Detailed employee/contractor inventory and asset usage tracking with easy-to-use performance and analysis reporting
  • Serialized tool and location tracking — using RFID technology — to improve FME compliance
  • Narrow search areas with strategically placed RFID tag readers and handheld scanners to reduce downtime spent searching for missing/lost tools or supplies
  • Decentralization of tools, consumables, safety materials supplies and place them near work cells — through point-of-use solutions — to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Timely servicing and inspection of safety equipment — according to industry standards – providing risk mitigation and safety compliance automation
  • Detailed inventory and asset usage tracking with employee and contractor authentication for greater accountability across all departments and locations
  • Accurately track inventory records with up to 6 cost centers to improve procurement processes and reduce waste

CribMaster delivers operational intelligence to managers through accurate, searchable materials activity reports, offering new insights into current business processes. Our customers consistently experience greater efficiencies through our software, vending, RFID and tool control solutions combined with our professional services.

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