Effective management, tracking and maintenance of tools, MRO, indirect materials and equipment is a key profitability driver in the construction industry. Construction companies also employ a high percentage of contractors, and must accurately account for all materials and asset usage by direct employees, as well as contractors.

CribMaster’s robust inventory management solutions provide the most efficient methods for tracking indirect materials to reduce tool loss, downtime and costs associated with manual methods, ultimately reinforcing a culture of productivity and accountability among all workers.

CribMaster Solutions Provide:

  • Detailed employee/contractor inventory and asset usage tracking with easy-to-use performance and analysis reporting
  • Mobile storage containers with scales, RFID, barcode technology and wireless connectivity can be moved from job to job, providing tool availability and worker accountability to even the most remote of areas
  • Accurate tracking of inventory records with up to 6 cost centers to improve procurement processes and reduce waste
  • Timely and accurate replenishment and maintenance processes to increase uptime, and safety compliance
  • Ability to prevent access to inventory by unauthorized workers
  • Reduce out of stock, overstock, dead stock situations and waste

With CribMaster, materials activity records are easy to access, search and analyze, and can create new insights into current business processes. Our customers consistently experience greater efficiencies through our software, vending, RFID and tool control solutions, combined with our professional services.