Automotive & Transportation


Automotive and transportation companies require greater speed and efficiency to remain competitive in today’s global market. Accurate, fact-based intelligence is required for successful prediction modeling and inventory planning to avoid costly delays and downtime. In addition, cutting-edge systems and lean manufacturing principles must be implemented throughout the entire workflow to reduce waste and inefficiencies, especially in the assembly line process.

CribMaster’s robust inventory management solutions enable automotive and transportation manufacturers to apply the same level of detailed process automation and lean manufacturing principles found in the assembly line to the distribution and management of indirect materials, which includes everything from MRO supplies and expensive hand tools to equipment maintenance and calibration. This type of intelligent inventory management automation enables operations managers to take proactive measures to prevent line downtime, efficiency losses, quality issues and safety risks caused by out of stock conditions.

CribMaster Solutions Provide:

  • Standardization of purchasing and inventory management across the global organization create operational efficiencies and cost reductions
  • Serialized tool tracking and tool location – using RFID technology
  • Narrow search areas with strategically placed RFID tag readers and handheld scanners to reduce downtime spent searching for missing/lost tools or supplies
  • Decentralization of tools, consumables, safety materials supplies and place them near work cells — through point-of-use solutions — to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Tool set management, OEM tool control provide immediate access to the most frequently used tools.
  • Timely and accurate replenishment and maintenance processes – tools, service bay equipment, fleet vehicles — to prevent downtime, improve worker efficiency, reduce risks, and increase safety compliance
  • Accurate tracking of inventory records with up to six cost centers to improve procurement processes and reduce waste
  • Employee authentication for greater accountability across all departments and locations

With CribMaster, accurate, searchable materials activity records are easy to access and analyze, and can create new insights into current business processes—enabling procurement to spend less on lost tool replacement, as well as providing access to detailed information needed to improve replenishment strategies. Our customers consistently experience greater efficiencies through our software, vending, RFID and tool control solutions combined with our professional services.