Because aerospace manufacturing and aircraft maintenance companies are among the most tightly regulated industries in the world, it is paramount that inventory, MRO, tools, equipment, and assets are properly maintained and tracked . Aerospace manufacturers must also accurately account for all employee and contractor material and asset usage. CribMaster’s robust inventory management solutions provide the most efficient solution for tracking indirect materials to reduce errors, downtime and costs associated with manual methods, ultimately reinforcing a culture of productivity, compliance and accountability among workers.

CribMaster’s solutions were developed and tested with input from some of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world. Well-defined, flexile tracking and reporting systems were designed in tandem to align seamlessly with industry processes, regulations and requirements. As a result, CribMaster has been named “Boeing Supplier of the Year,” and is installed in more than 200 Boeing tool cribs and storerooms, along with RFID and point-of-use vending devices.

CribMaster solutions provide:

  • Optimization of order quantities and reduction of on-hand carrying costs
  • Serialized tool tracking and location — using RFID technology — to support FOD compliance
  • Narrow search areas with strategically placed RFID tag readers and handheld scanners to reduce downtime spent searching for missing/lost tools or supplies
  • Decentralization of tools, consumables, safety materials supplies and place them near work cells — through point-of-use solutions — to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as multiple levels of kitting
  • Timely and accurate replenishment and maintenance processes to increase uptime, and safety compliance
  • Accurate inventory record tracking with up to six cost centers to improve procurement processes and reduce waste
  • Digital signatures for greater accountability across all departments and locations
  • Gauge calibration and control for audit and recall purposes

CribMaster delivers operational intelligence to managers through accurate, searchable materials activity reports, offering new insights into current business processes. Our customers consistently experience greater efficiencies through our software, vending, RFID and tool control solutions combined with our professional services.

It is estimated that FOD costs the aviation industry $13 billion (USD) per year in direct and indirect costs. It costs major airlines in the United States $26 per flight in aircraft repairs, plus $312 in additional indirect costs, including flight delays, plane changes and fuel inefficiencies.