Prevent and detect noncompliance events

Whether your compliance goals include achieving or maintaining certifications, guarding against FOD and FME or preserving a safe work environment, a reliable system of verification is essential. Using CribMaster, you not only establish protocols but also confirm that your workers follow them.

With CribMaster inventory management solutions, software and hardware combine to offer convenient access and usage reporting for your inventory and assets:

  • Employees save time, and are more likely to wear protective equipment and use the right tools if they’re available near the work areas where they’re needed.
  • Software rules control access to ensure that employees are issued the proper equipment for the job, in the right size.
  • If an event occurs, database records can prove whether a worker had the appropriate gear, supplies or tools.
  • Inventory logs give management visibility into employees who are not regularly taking appropriate materials, enabling targeted training opportunities.
  • Color-coded light bars and shadow-box foam enable quick and easy visual confirmation of item status and availability.

CribMaster solutions also keep your tools safe to use and the end products they build safe to depend on:

  • Usage logging for individual tools to notify when maintenance is needed
  • Automatic recording of tool inspections and calibration schedules
  • RFID tracking to protect against FOD and FME, and to alert before a noncompliance event occurs or a fine is levied

CribMaster gives you the ability to meet all of your compliance requirements. Protect the well-being of each employee, and the quality of every product.