Tool Room Management


Increase tool crib efficiency and accuracy

CribMaster storage solutions and security controls, driven by our powerful Inventory Management System software, provide the robust capabilities necessary to run every tool crib in your enterprise. Enhance your facility’s productivity by efficiently equipping workers with the tools they need, and keeping up-to-date records of each transaction.

Improve your tool room management with support from innovative CribMaster technology and software:

  • Crib access control governed by employee ID
  • Controlled access at the crib entrance to automatically log the entry and exit of employees and tools
  • Scanners and smartphones (or other mobile devices) connected directly to the main database, automatically recording the tool as it is scanned
  • A wide array of transaction types to handle any tool room procedures
  • 190+ reports to track all aspects of your operation

The benefits of CribMaster tool room management focus on enhancing productivity:

  • Issue and return tools securely, with or without an attendant present.
  • Free up the time and personnel used to manually document each transaction, and ensure better accuracy.
  • Receive email alerts listing unreturned tools, when they were checked out and the employees accountable.
  • Use any authorized computer to keep track of every crib across your enterprise in the same system.

Inventory management solutions from CribMaster have revolutionized tool room operations. With greater awareness of and control over crib transactions, our customers achieve better organized, more efficient tool rooms.

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