Inventory Tracking


Accurately account for every tool to keep your plant productive

A CribMaster implementation enables manufacturers to track tool movements from issue through return. Automated database records of who checked out a tool, where it traveled and which jobs it worked on provide an information trail to help locate the item.

Combining RFID technology with advanced software creates a comprehensive tracking system for any tool in your inventory. Throughout your enterprise, we use a single database to capture:

  • When a tool was issue
  • Which employee is accountable for it
  • If and when it was returned
  • In which area of the plant it was last seen
  • How many times the tool has been used
  • If it is due for inspection
  • The number of rework procedures it has undergone
  • Whether the tool is broken
  • Who supplied the tool
  • Its replacement cost and timeframe

Incorporating CribMaster inventory tracking into your operations can reduce the incidence of lost and stolen tools, and provide these additional benefits:

  • Keep track of durables, reworkables and expendables, even at remote sites.
  • Ensure accurate inventory counts.
  • Increase worker accountability.
  • Save time when searching for missing tools.
  • Lessen the production impact and expense of lost tools.
  • Track a specific tool’s usage rates and audit the work it performed.

Offering the broadest portfolio of inventory tracking solutions, CribMaster has enabled manufacturers across industry segments to strengthen their tool control processes. Through better visibility plus higher worker accountability, CribMaster solutions help to control inventory and increase productivity.