FOD Control


Track every tool in the work area to mitigate safety and compliance concerns

For industries receiving government contracts, including aerospace manufacturers, having a structure in place to minimize Foreign Object Debris (FOD) risk is essential. CribMaster provides FOD control through the same enterprise-wide solutions used to track and manage all of a manufacturer’s indirect materials.

Built around high-performance RFID technology, CribMaster FOD control features several automated layers:

  • RFID tags are affixed to or embedded in tools.
  • Last Point Read (LPR) antennas, placed between zones you define, indicate a tool’s last known location and direction of travel.
  • An optional handheld RFID scanner or mobile device can readily locate missing tools.
  • Readers incorporated into CribMaster secure tool control solutions instantly log each transaction.
  • Automatic, scheduled reports notify supervisors of the tools that have not been returned, and who has them checked out.
  • All components run on the same inventory management software, allowing a single database to record every action.

Deploying FOD control from CribMaster offers these benefits:

  • Track every tool, including sockets and other small or easily misplaced items.
  • Hold workers accountable for the tools issued to them.
  • Reduce the time and energy spent searching for unreturned tools.
  • Avoid costly regulatory fines and contractual penalties for noncompliance.
  • Increase the safety of the products you develop.

Our customers rely on us to help them build a reputation for safety and productivity. In manufacturing environments where safety is paramount, CribMaster FOD control solutions provide reassurance that no tool is left unaccounted for.

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