FME Compliance


Safeguard against noncompliance through an RFID infrastructure

The RFID-enabled architecture of a CribMaster implementation is well suited to manufacturing environments that must comply with Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) policies and regulations.

In industries such as power generation and food service, preventing cross-contamination from tools is critically important. CribMaster employs RFID technology together with our powerful Inventory Management System software to create an effective FME solution:

  • Tool movement visibility begins with the unique RFID tags added to or embedded in the items.
  • In the system software, you define the FME policies that govern which areas specific tools are allowed to enter or exit.
  • Last Point Read (LPR) antennas installed at the edges of your programmed zones identify any restricted tools that approach or violate the boundary.
  • The software sends a red flag alert notifying personnel to correct the situation if cross-contamination or zone violations occur.
  • In the database, the software captures all movement activity and events, creating accurate, auditable records of any incidents.

Strengthen your FME procedures and improve worker compliance:

  • Customize compliance rules in the management software to create automated controls and alerts.
  • Prevent tool movement into or out of restricted areas.
  • Protect employee safety and health.
  • Avoid penalties and fines for noncompliance.
  • Collect evidence in the database for post-incident analysis.

CribMaster FME compliance technology is proven to perform in tightly regulated facilities, helping our customers create safer working environments.

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