Calibration Management


Ensure every calibrated tool your employees use meets specifications

Consistent processes for tooling calibration enable manufacturers to improve product quality while also meeting delivery targets. To help customers administer and follow ideal calibration schedules for gauges, detectors, meters and other measurement equipment, we developed the calibration management component of our state-of-the-art CribMaster Inventory Management System software.

The software tracks and manages metrology information, providing complete visibility into the entire calibration process:

  • Configure calibration schedules by the number of uses, elapsed days, or calendar date. If desired, set the counter to begin only after first use.
  • Display warnings on the storage drawer’s touchscreen interface to alert users when equipment is due for calibration.
  • Lock the tool in the vending machine if calibration is needed, preventing it from being issued.
  • Use item serialization to confirm which tools require calibration.
  • Link files containing the proper calibration steps directly to the work order.
  • Verify that calibration was performed as scheduled.

CribMaster’s calibration management capabilities provide highly effective control across your operations. Other benefits include:

  • Consistent metrology schedules for your enterprise’s full inventory of measurement equipment
  • Reduced time and costs related to defects and scrap
  • Automatically recorded documentation for each completed calibration
  • Efficient use of metrology lab resources

Leading-edge technology from CribMaster gives you precise control over your inventory, keeping all of your essential measurement tools properly calibrated and ready for use.

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