Tool Control and Tracking


Improve visibility and accountability for every tool in your inventory

Effective tool management is essential to reducing tool spend and increasing productivity. CribMaster provides manufacturers with the control structure to establish detailed, enforceable tool-handling procedures.

With CribMaster, you gain a configurable, enterprise-wide system to track inventory inside the crib, in vending machines at the point of use, throughout facilities using RFID tracking and even in remote locations. From one system, you can control and monitor tool usage and inventory levels:

  • Automatically record the exact details for item issues and returns.
  • Associate particular tool sizes to a work order to always dispense the right tool for a task.
  • Use serialized item information to log the individual tools used on specific jobs. In a recall situation, easily audit the products built with that tool, even months later.
  • Classify broken items to remove them from inventory totals and trigger on-time replenishment.
  • Examine usage rates for durables to identify potential maintenance issues before they affect production uptime.

Capture tool movement throughout the facility:

  • RFID devices combined with Last Point Read (LPR) logging identify which tools are missing and help narrow down the search area.
  • Safety alerts can guard against FOD and FME compliance issues.
  • Reports on missing tools give supervisors information to follow up with the accountable employees.

Strengthen your processes for calibration and tool rework:

  • Track inspection schedules to confirm each gauge meets specifications.
  • Attach certification steps to the inspection work order.
  • Identify sharpened or reground tools with a modified item number in the database to keep an accurate rework count.
  • Balance item issue rates using the CribMaster Inventory Management System’s ability to cycle reworked tools into circulation, extending the useful life of all tools.

MRO facilities seeking to reinforce their indirect materials process have relied on CribMaster expertise for decades. We offer a unique perspective on inventory management, combined with the most comprehensive, customizable system to enhance tool control and tracking capabilities.