Stock Level Management


Carry the ideal amounts of the right inventory

CribMaster solutions create the visibility for manufacturers to match on-hand inventory levels with current needs. Robust reporting and analysis capabilities allow you to examine your inventory processes in depth to find both issues and opportunities.

Uncovering new details about your existing inventory and supply chain can lead to better stock level management:

  • Document and analyze production-wide supply levels in a single database.
  • Track usage data to place accurate order quantities.
  • Determine exact amounts of understock, overstock and dead stock.
  • Automate purchasing for diminishing stock.
  • Discover duplicate or solo suppliers that may not be necessary.
  • Use common item numbers to aggregate different descriptions of the same inventory for more accurate counts.
  • Create reports for current inventory costs to help choose suppliers or order dates.
  • Provide better forecasts to suppliers to negotiate favorable terms.

The benefits of more effective inventory management extend from the beginning of your supply chain to the end of your production line:

  • Higher productivity from eliminating stock-outs
  • Increased on-time delivery
  • More frequent inventory turns
  • Better pricing for optimum quantities
  • More effective use of capital
  • Less carried inventory and waste
  • Increased supplier consolidation or diversification
  • Stronger relationships with suppliers

Tracking your indirect material inventory with CribMaster enables you to build a responsive, better-managed supply chain that accommodates your changing requirements.

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