Automated Replenishment


Ensure on-time delivery of essential materials

Our Inventory Management System software unifies every component of a manufacturer’s CribMaster deployment. It updates the real-time supply levels of each vending solution and storeroom, while connecting items to their supplier and cost information. Combining this data enables the system to automatically replenish materials when stock runs low.

Sophisticated software capable of providing complete visibility into indirect material flow makes automated replenishment both efficient and reliable:

  • Capture all vending transactions and usage data.
  • Separate out broken items for more accurate inventory counts.
  • Recommend adjustments to order quantities according to usage rates, lead times and upcoming work.
  • Enable storeroom replenishment or line-side resupply using weight-sensing and various other technologies.
  • Automate purchasing together with replenishment to streamline order delivery.

Manufacturers achieve several benefits through automated replenishment from CribMaster:

  • Manages ideal quantities of high-use consumables and durables
  • Avoids production-crippling stock-outs
  • Provides alerts for critical stock levels
  • Prevents unexpected emergency shipping expenses
  • Saves carrying costs and capital losses from dead stock
  • Supports leaner inventory with more frequent turns

With our industry-leading technology and expertise, CribMaster offers a wide range of manufacturing customers advanced capabilities to streamline their supply chains and improve their production processes using automated replenishment.