Automated Purchasing


Remove unnecessary expense to streamline your order processing

Purchasing departments often deal with time-consuming verification and approval procedures, or redundant processes that add unnecessary costs to their work. CribMaster solutions gather a wealth of accurate, real-time usage data from enterprise-wide vending transactions to create a detailed account of inventory supply and demand. The CribMaster Inventory Management System software can then apply this information to automatically generate purchase orders, eliminating manual steps in the reorder process.

With one database linking information from storage areas, point-of-use machines, custom-programmed min-max levels, known lead times and supplier details, the CribMaster system can make intelligent decisions about when and how much to order. The Purchasing department then has the option to let the system place orders automatically or to review the recommendations before authorizing the PO.

CribMaster offers an efficient, automated process that results in faster, better purchasing decisions and more effective PO management. Other benefits include:

  • Generate POs immediately once set minimums are reached.
  • Match order quantities with expected needs, creating leaner inventory practices.
  • Share demand data from CribMaster software with an existing PO system, letting it generate the PO.
  • Reduce the administrative costs of manually creating and handling POs.
  • Eliminate errors and guesswork.
  • Prevent stock-outs from delayed purchases.
  • Limit the number of costly POs.
  • Manage blanket purchase orders.

Through our sophisticated automated purchasing capabilities, CribMaster empowers Purchasing departments to eliminate inefficiencies in their processes to decrease overall procurement costs.

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