Supply Chain Management


A single source of information about your indirect material supply chain

Your procurement team requires accurate, specific information to effectively manage and engage with suppliers. Business intelligence gained through CribMaster solutions will give them confidence that the terms they negotiate and the orders they place align perfectly with your operational requirements.

In one system, CribMaster combines spending data and usage patterns for all of your sites, to provide:

  • Enterprise-wide total spend, with granular drill-down capabilities
  • Price variations across different suppliers and sites
  • Associations between supplier, product, and necessary item list for the workflow, configured to auto-generate replenishment POs
  • Common item numbers to merge quantities of identical parts that have different descriptions
  • Real-time information from vending machines, tool cribs and mobile scanners to provide accurate usage counts

The software also reduces administrative overhead and mistakes through auto-replenishment. It calculates usage, lead times, and safety stock requirements to always keep inventory at the right levels.

With CribMaster, you gain complete visibility into inefficiencies and opportunities throughout your supply chain:

  • Identify suppliers for consolidation to benefit from volume pricing, and suppliers for diversification to mitigate delivery issues.
  • Negotiate terms from a stronger position, using precise figures.
  • Handle fewer administrative tasks and POs, decreasing procurement time and cost.
  • Match inventory levels with usage rates to reduce carrying costs.

CribMaster solutions provide your procurement professionals with the tools and support they need to take control of your indirect material supply chain.