Tool Control


Avoid the excessive costs of replacing tools

Tool control processes represent a key improvement opportunity for many manufacturers. CribMaster offers a variety of ways to increase production efficiency, minimize loss and waste, maximize tool life and create an environment of accountability.

Using tool control solutions driven by CribMaster Inventory Management System software, a CribMaster implementation enables efficient access control for better productivity:

  • Restrict tool access through secured cabinets and tool cribs.
  • Increase efficiency with image-based tool selection on vending machine touchscreen interfaces.
  • Limit errors by configuring the software to dispense only the right tool for each job.
  • Spread out usage rates by cycling reworked tools into circulation to extend each tool’s effective life.
  • Track accurate usage totals to determine appropriate reorder quantities.
  • Use RFID solutions to minimize lost tools and time spent searching for missing tools.
  • Place tools at the point of use to reduce walk time.

CribMaster gives manufacturers the capability to take control of their tool inventory, offering these benefits:

  • Effective loss prevention to reduce costs
  • Fewer defects from using incorrect tools
  • Time savings with point-of-use dispensing and automated transaction records
  • Higher productivity through better tool availability and less wasted time
  • Attentive and empowered workforce with more accountability

Our market-leading inventory management solutions help manufacturers improve their tool control processes. By reducing wasted time and costs associated with tool handling, CribMaster enables customers to reinforce lean manufacturing practices.