Point-of-Use Inventory Control


Dispense needed inventory without wasted time or materials

Point-of-use vending from CribMaster gives workers access to the equipment and tools they need without a time-consuming walk to the storeroom or crib. In addition, full usage details captured by the same database allow management personnel a complete view of indirect material movement in each work area across the enterprise.

CribMaster Inventory Management System software controls the vending and transaction accounting processes, with features designed for maximum efficiency and accuracy:

  • Simplified processes for item issue and return using a touchscreen interface
  • Controlled vending of the exact type and quantity of materials needed
  • Documented usage rates to optimize future inventory orders
  • Precise, real-time inventory counts that don’t rely on error-prone manual paperwork
  • Automated replenishment to enable lean management practices

Inventory control at the point of use offers the following benefits to your operations:

  • Reduced errors and waste
  • Productive time savings due to fewer trips to the crib
  • Better compliance with safety guidelines through easier access to PPE
  • More accurate inventory tracking

The role of CribMaster is to turn management of your indirect materials into a productivity driver and an asset that provides critical business intelligence. Our solutions offer the capabilities for you to drill down into your process data and discover improvement potential.

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