Automated Replenishment


Guard against stock-outs to keep your workforce productive

Providing workers with the materials they need, exactly when and where they need them, is essential to lean operations. CribMaster’s reliable, easy to manage replenishment process ensures that employees have the required materials at all times.

Driving all CribMaster solutions, our Inventory Management System software stores detailed supplier information and gathers accurate usage data from your daily operations. This knowledge gives the system the capability to automatically replenish your indirect material inventory at optimum levels.

With robust automated replenishment from CribMaster, manufacturers can:

  • Link order information with supplier details in the same database.
  • Calculate Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) according to actual usage history.
  • Take lead times, usage rates and upcoming work into account when submitting orders.
  • Receive automatic alerts for critical stock levels.
  • Automate replenishment and purchasing as soon as stock reaches its defined minimum level.

Manufacturing customers witness the value of CribMaster automated replenishment by:

  • Preventing stock-outs, overstock and dead stock
  • Keeping track of usage rates and budgets by cost center
  • Reducing carrying costs
  • Avoiding excessive charges for emergency shipping
  • Increasing inventory turns
  • Enhancing productivity

CribMaster customers run leaner operations without the risk of stock-outs. Our innovative automated replenishment capabilities provide employees the right amount of materials at the right time to keep them fully productive.

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