Lean Manufacturing


Leverage the power of comparative data

Manufacturers able to follow lean principles gain a competitive advantage by turning waste into productivity and freeing up capital to promote growth. Every company has a different focus for lean initiatives, but successful strategies all depend on reliable data.

CribMaster can provide actionable intelligence for your lean initiatives:

  • Data warehousing offers a total view of all inventory across sites. If you see a factory running low on items, you can instantly check your other plants to find out who is sitting on excess inventory. A site-to-site transfer eliminates the understock (reducing downtime) and repurposes the wasted overstock (creating more space), without any new purchase orders.
  • Accurate usage data informs your purchasing decisions. Much MRO inventory turns only once a year, with carrying costs up to 25%. Knowing exactly how much you actually need in stock at all times can save money, increase storage, and reduce spoilage.
  • Complete transaction histories allow you to drill down into historical data and filter material spend by cost centre, work order, employee, and more.
  • Intelligent software set with your current min-maxes learns your operations over time, computing usage rates and lead times to keep items available but purchase only when necessary. Analyser reports can then compare the dollar difference between what you were spending and what you actually needed.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce inventory overhead.
  • Build a more responsive supply chain.
  • Cut down wasted time with point-of-use vending, RFID tool tracking, automated documentation and customized tool kitting for efficient tool organization.
  • Fine-tune current best practices using new data, implementing them throughout the enterprise and continuously improving them.
  • Understand where to take steps out of the process.

The comprehensive inventory tracking and reporting capabilities of CribMaster supply you with the necessary data to support your lean manufacturing operations.