Weight-Sensitive Storage


Keep accurate counts for all of your bulk consumables

Weight-sensing options from CribMaster offer manufacturers an efficient way to manage the dispensing and replenishment of high-use consumables. Our solutions can store high-volume or access-controlled items, providing easy access to bulk commodities:

  • Quick retrieval of bench stock, PPE, work gloves or other MRO materials
  • Various bin sizes and scale dimensions
  • Precision scales to accurately measure the weight of removed items
  • Simple, on-time replenishment
  • Paperless transaction records and refill orders

Powered by the same software and reporting to the same database as our other CribMaster inventory management solutions, weight-sensitive storage adds unique capabilities to your overall implementation:

  • Detailed usage rates for consumables that are typically difficult to track
  • Cost-effective management of high-use supplies
  • Transaction accounting to save time and improve recordkeeping accuracy
  • Assurance that employees have their materials replenished in time to stay productive

CribMaster weight-sensitive storage has demonstrated its value in customer storerooms, at the point of use and throughout remote worksites. Our solutions simplify the management of bulk consumables, adding a higher level of certainty to your inventory counts.