Storeroom Management


Equip your storeroom with the right parts,
in the leanest quantities

A well-run storeroom maintains all consumables at appropriate levels, and increases productivity by minimizing maintenance downtime for equipment. In a CribMaster environment, powerful software and customizable storage combine to offer manufacturers an efficient, accurate system for storeroom inventory management.

The comprehensive CribMaster solution simplifies storeroom processes and provides up-to-date, precise details of storeroom activity:

  • Authorized employees use their IDs to gain entry, creating an automatic access log.
  • Scanner software streamlines the check-out and transaction recording processes. Employees can also use the CribMaster Mobile Plus app to scan items using their iPhones.
  • Weight-sensitive storage bins for bulk consumables automatically measure and record the quantities taken.
  • The Preventive Maintenance software module tracks parts used for each work order.
  • Kits set up in the software allow storeroom attendants to easily pull and organize the list of all necessary items for a job.

Reports give a detailed, accurate picture of inventory levels, usage rates and carrying costs. Storeroom supervisors have complete visibility of expiring parts, dead stock and overstock.
Automated purchasing and replenishment calculate usage rates and lead times to avoid both stock-outs and excess inventory.

By taking advantage of the opportunities for cost savings and inventory optimization from CribMaster, manufacturers realize several benefits:

  • Available replacement parts enable timely repairs, leading to higher equipment uptime.
  • Checked out parts are immediately recorded according to employee, user-defined cost center or work order.
  • Kitting saves time spent locating and assembling job items, making workers more productive.
  • Intelligent auto-replenishment guards against stock-outs and saves on emergency shipping costs.
  • Real-time transactions recorded to a single database keep inventory counts accurate across the main storeroom and satellite warehouses.
  • Time-based notifications alert when stored items require preventive maintenance, ensuring that replacement parts and critical spares are in working condition.
  • Lean inventory management practices reduce dead stock, streamline purchasing and free up storage space.

The robust capabilities of CribMaster solutions have enabled our customers to take full command of their storeroom inventory, improving management practices and maintenance efficiency.