Stock Level Management


Optimise inventory levels while avoiding costly stock-outs

CribMaster gives manufacturers the ability to determine—and sustain—the appropriate inventory levels for indirect materials. Driven by the CribMaster Inventory Management System software, our industrial vending solutions facilitate enterprise-wide management of your consumable stock.

Customize your solution to fit your workflow and incorporate your existing business logic. With CribMaster, you gain control over your inventory and gather business intelligence to improve your processes:

  • Complete, real-time tracking of all supply levels in one database
  • Automated purchasing when stock reaches the minimum level you define
  • Analyser reports comparing current order quantities to ideal amounts based on usage rates
  • Minimal storage inventory that still accounts for safety stock
  • Point-of-use controls to dispense the proper type and number of materials for each job

Relying on CribMaster for your consumable stock management provides benefits focused on cost savings, greater visibility of inventory flow and more frequent turns:

  • Decreased procurement costs
  • Less capital spent on carried inventory
  • Reduced incidence of lost or forgotten stock
  • Less spoilage and waste from expired product
  • Better coordination between sites for transfers of unused consumables
  • More efficient use of storage space
  • Increased productivity

With our advanced, customizable offerings, CribMaster leads the industry in providing manufacturers with comprehensive solutions to optimize stock levels and streamline inventory processes.