Point-of-Use Inventory Control


Improve productivity with efficient access to consumables

Point-of-use storage from CribMaster combines ease of access with precise indirect material control. With our solutions, manufacturing facilities and worksites can move MRO, PPE and other high-use consumables out of the storeroom and place them within reach on the shop floor.

Each touchscreen-equipped vending solution is configured and stocked to suit the work area it serves, so your workers spend less time retrieving the consumables they need. The powerful CribMaster Inventory Management System software dispenses items according to your custom business rules, which means employees can access only the proper materials in the authorized quantities.

CribMaster solutions provide efficient access to consumables at the point of use, with better security than a manned storeroom. Additional benefits include:

  • Real-time views of inventory consumption across your enterprise
  • Automatic transaction records stored in one central database
  • Accurate item counts with no manual paperwork
  • Multiple technologies to easily monitor bulk item usage
  • Supply budgets and consumption rates tracked by cost center
  • Lean inventory levels supported by auto-replenishment
  • Effective, time-saving processes to increase productivity

Our wide range of configurable, point-of-use vending options, allow you to manage access to indirect materials and achieve greater control over your consumable inventory.