Consumable Management


Break the cycle of “not enough, then too much”

Without reliable usage data for consumables, companies can easily fall into a cycle of reacting—losing track, running out, overbuying, losing track again—instead of managing. As a result, it’s common for up to 50% of inventory to be inactive stock, including low-turning product and obsolete items. And carrying excess inventory can add as much as 25% to its initial cost.

CribMaster removes uncertainty by providing complete visibility of your consumables. With our solutions, customers can typically reduce consumable MRO usage by 25% to 40%.

How can our consumable management solutions ensure more efficient operations?

  • Touchscreen vending machines for PPE and MRO inventory keep accurate counts of item flow, and prevent employees from taking the wrong materials.
  • Self-service scanners and weight-sensitive storage enable efficient storeroom transactions, even in unmanned cribs and offsite locations.
  • Managers automatically receive scheduled overstock, understock and dead stock reports, reliable intelligence that enables more informed purchasing decisions.
  • All information for every facility is captured in one database.

With a comprehensive view of your consumable indirect materials, your purchasing operations become more lean, stable, and predictive:

  • Monitor material usage rates to cut down on dead stock and waste.
  • Save space and carrying costs by purchasing the right products, in the right amounts, at the right time.
  • Track your consumable spending by employee, job or time period for accounting and budgetary analysis.